Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Starfish Vacation Rentals cancellation policy? 

  • Canceled 30 days before check in: Guests who cancel at least 30 days before check-in will receive what they have paid MINUS a $100 cancellation fee AND the $75 nonrefundable reservation fee (Deposit - $175 = refund total). 

  • Canceled within 30 days of check-in: Guests will receive 50% of the amount paid MINUS $100 cancellation fee AND $75 nonrefundable reservation fee. 

  • Canceled within 14 days of check-in: Guests will receive no refund. 

How many vehicles can I bring? - 2 vehicles is the max for all locations. We will not be able to accommodate more than 2 vehicles so please plan accordingly. Click here for alternative parking options. 

What does Starfish Vacation Rentals contract look like? Click here to review our Terms and Conditions. 

When is check-in? - Check in is after 4pm. Please plan travel time accordingly.  

What does the pet fee? - Pet friendly units require a $150.00 fee and will allow you to bring 1 DOG. 

Does Starfish Vacation Rentals provide beach items? - We do not provide beach towels, chairs, or umbrellas. Do not use your unit's towels outside of the unit or you will be subject to additional fees. 

What is it like at check-in? - Most all units utilize a keyless lock for access. Codes WILL NOT work until the 4pm check-in time. Please be prepared to show ID at check-in as we have minimum age requirements for booking. 

What kind of supplies are available to us at check-in? - THIS IS UNIT SPECIFIC SO IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, PLEASE LET US KNOW. Units will be supplied with the following Starter Pack; 1 paper towel roll, 2 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, 1 soap/shampoo/conditioner set per bathroom, 1 dishwasher soap, 1 laundry soap, a small bottle of dish soap, 2 kitchen size trash bags, 1 small trash bag per bathroom trashcan. Linens and bath towels provided. DO NOT BRING LINENS OR TOWELS OUTSIDE THE UNIT.

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